Concluding the Baptist Larger Catechism



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About 10 months ago, I embarked on a project of completing a Baptist Larger Catechism, which was intended to be a Particular Baptist version of the Westminster Larger Catechism, in which a thorough discussion of credobaptist distinctives have been given in catechetical form. On last week, I’ve finished the last questions of this catechism regarding the Lord’s Prayer.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read through the catechism and to offer suggestions, criticisms, and edits. The final form of the Baptist Larger Catechism can be found on this PDF link. The next goal for this project is to format it in e-book form and distribute it to those who would be interested in using it for their own growth. I will also add a page to this blog in the future for those who like to access the catechism online


Remembering This Life is Costly

Great blog on the opportunity cost of the Christian life

Wife with Purpose

What is the opportunity cost of living a life devoted to the Lord?

Now, opportunity cost may be a foreign word for you, but it is extremely familiar in practice to you. Taking the term from the field of Economics, opportunity cost is any benefit that you forfeit and give up when you decide to do something. So for instance, if you’re trying to lose weight this year, then the opportunity cost of making weight loss a priority may include not having desserts after dinner, not being able to snack or eat the foods you really enjoy, and not being able to relax during your free time because you need to work out. As you can see, we are all very familiar with opportunity costs in our everyday lives, but are we equally as familiar with the opportunity costs of following after Christ?

There are passages in the Bible that…

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