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In this section of the Baptist Larger Catechism, we continue Ch. 8 in the 1689 London Baptist Confession on Christology. Here, we discuss Christ in His state of humiliation. This section consists of an expansion of question 31 in the Baptist Catechism and the Keach Catechism. Four additional questions have been added to explain how Christ humbled Himself in (1) His conception and birth, (2) His life, (3) His death, and (4) after His death until His resurrection. These additional questions are similar to questions 46-50 in the Westminster Larger Catechism.

As before, feel free to comment on the additional questions added and the expanded questions below.


Q. 47: What was the estate of Christ’s humiliation?

A: The estate of Christ’s humiliation was that low condition wherein He, for our sakes, emptied Himself of His glory by taking upon Himself the form of a servant1 in His conception2 and birth,3 life,4 death,5 and after His death until His resurrection.6

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Q. 48: How did Christ humble Himself in His conception and birth?

A: Christ humbled Himself in His conception and birth in that, being from all eternity the Son of God in the bosom of the Father, it pleased Him in the fullness of time to become the son of man, born of a woman of low estate and into conditions that were even worse than ordinary.1

1. John 1:14,18; Galatians 4:4; Luke 2:7; Philippians 2:6-82 Corinthians 8:9



Q. 49: How did Christ humble Himself in His life?

A: Christ humbled Himself in His life by subjecting Himself to the Law,1 which He perfectly fulfilled,2 and by struggling with the disgraces of this world,3 the temptations of Satan,4 and the frailty of His body, whether common to the nature of man or particularly associated with His low condition.5

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Q. 50: How did Christ humble Himself in His death?

A: Christ humbled Himself in His death by being betrayed by Judas,1 forsaken by His disciples,2 scorned and rejected by the world,3 condemned by Pilate, and tormented by His persecutors.4 He struggled with the terrors of death and the powers of darkness, felt and bore the weight of God’s wrath.5 Finally, enduring the painful, shameful, and cursed death on the cross6, He laid down His life as an offering for sin.7

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Q. 51: How did Christ humble Himself after His death?

A: Christ’s humiliation after His death involved His being buried,1 and continuing in the state of the dead and under the power of death until the third day,2 which has been otherwise expressed in these words in the Apostles’ creed: He descended into hell.

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