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Recently, William F. Leonhart III has been quite gracious to invite me to write over at Credo Covenant. I’m one of many writers over at the blog and I would suggest you take a look at it as they have many excellent articles over there. For those who are interested, I’m starting a mini-blog series over there on the differences between Reformed spirituality and traditional Black spirituality. Here is my first post over there:


Here’s a small blurb:

… the question asked by most Reformed people is: Why aren’t there more Black Reformed Christians?There have been numerous answers to this question and honestly, the answers are superficial or, at times, downright insulting. Some people assert that diverging musical styles are the reason that Blacks don’t attend Reformed churches (as if all Black Christians like gospel music and don’t sing hymns). Some people assert that it’s because of the lack of expressiveness (as if all Black Christians are charismatic).

… I believe that the essential reason is because of diverging views of Christian spirituality. What are the marks of a truly spiritual person? How does one grow in their devotion to Christ? What are the marks of a godly leader? My experience convinces me that most devout Black Christians answer these questions very differently than devout Reformed Christians. This seems to imply that traditional Black spirituality is quite different than Reformed spirituality. In this blog series, I want to address the commonalities and differences between traditional Black spirituality and Reformed spirituality and then address the trends in modern Black spirituality.