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As many of you know, Friday is Reformation Day. There are already several bloggers who have commemorated Reformation Day this week and I just wanted to add my own commemoration to this.

Some of the best sermons that I’ve heard on this topic were from James White. Here are two useful sermons for those who want to know why and what we, as Protestants, are celebrating on this day

Sola Fide: The Material Principle of the Reformation

Sola Scripture: The Formal Principle of the Reformation

Finally, there are numerous Christian rap groups who discuss the importance of the Reformation. One of my favorite groups is named ChristCentric. This group has produced two songs that are dedicated to Reformation.

The first song is entitled Reformation (lyrics can be found here for those interested).

The second song is entitled Semper Reformanda (lyrics can be found here for those interested).