Here’s a blog post that my wife and I collaborated on, in response to many of the foolish comments concerning the Ferguson verdict

Wife with Purpose


Your father and I have talked at great length about this, and we feel that it is necessary to let you know something that will impact your life greatly.

Every person you ever meet will make a judgment about you before you ever open your mouth. It does not matter what color your skin is, how intelligent you are, how educated you are, what job you have, what you are personally going through at that moment…people will form thoughts and opinions about you based on how you present yourself. So, your father has this specific advice for you:

“Learn to speak well, and articulate your words when you express yourself. Learn to look at people in their eyes when they speak to you and when you speak to them. Learn how to shake people’s hands firmly. Learn to greet people, and show yourself to be friendly to whomever you…

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