In continuing our discussion at CredoCovenant on public theology, I took some time to write about the influence on Abraham Kuyper on Calvinist social thought. This particular article focuses on the relationship between creation, redemption, and culture, which has becoming a popular paradigm for much neo-Calvinist social though. Enjoy!


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In our last blog post, we presented some of the core beliefs regarding Abraham Kuyper’s public theology, which can be summed up in one sentence: Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and because of that fact, our allegiance to Him should shape not only the private but also the public aspects of our lives. In Kuyper’s vision, Christ is not just the Lord over ecclesiastical matters, but He is also Lord over public matters like art, science, business, politics, economics, and education. Based on this core conviction, Kuyper served as prime minister of the Netherlands, founded a Christian university, started a newspaper, and wrote influential books on theology, politics, and other topics. In recent years a new generation of Calvinists has further developed Kuyper’s original vision of Christ’s lordship over…

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