I am excited to announce that my wife and I will be speaking at a conference on January 31st through February 2nd on improving race relations within confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches. The details of the conference can be found here:


Here is the stated purpose of the conference:

The purpose of this conference is to serve and to strengthen the Body of Christ by proposing and exploring biblically Reformed ways of thinking about the subject of race relationships within the church. In addition, we wish to proffer practical suggestions as to how we might more effectively build bridges across ethnic lines within the church in order to achieve greater unity for the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

This is not going to be a conference with a polemical bent; rather, the intended goal is to bring together speakers (who do not all agree on this topic) in hopes of providing practical suggestions for progress. For this reason, the big name conference speakers who usually address this topic will not be here. The speaker list includes seminarians, pastors, church planters, and laypeople. For those who are interested, the conference will be live-streamed.

For those who follow this blog, I ask for your prayers. Please pray for the fruitfulness of this conference as we are genuinely seeking to honor Christ and to build bridges in regards to race relations within the Reformed world. Please pray for my wife who will be giving one of the keynote addresses at the conference. Please pray for me because I will addressing a difficult topic (our rhetoric in race relations). Also, in speaking publicly at this conference, I will be losing my anonymity, which may have ramifications for my employment.